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Phantasms from Glass


A few years ago I was living in an idyllic little town called Beaminster, in Dorset. If you ever have a chance it is well worth a visit. Dorset is cut from the past, a still bucolic county of rolling, sheep-dotted hills and ancient amber-stoned cottages. Every week or so I would jump in my [...]

Interview for Amy Kanka Valadarsky


I was recently asked for an interview by jeweller Amy Kanka Valadarsky (AKV Jewelry). I was happy to oblige and delighted with her perceptive questions that delved a bit deeper into my process. Thank you Amy. Amy Kanaka Valadarsky’s Interview

Lotta’s Jewellery

lotta crabtreexmastree

Now here is a woman who loves Jewellery! Born in 1847, Lotta Crabtree & her family traveled west from New York to the California Gold Rush. Settling in a place called ‘Grass Valley’ they ran a boarding house and were caught up in the rush of gold fever. As a little girl Lotta loved to [...]

Feature Article with Freshly Worn Magazine


The Feature Article (click here). ….finally sharing the feature article ‘Freshly Worn Magazine’ did with Poultice Jewelry. Expert styling & art direction by ‘G for Grace’ (the amazing Grace Chumfong)…gorgeous fashion photography by Art Zaratsyan. And three lovely models; Rachel, Alicia and Ashleigh. The fashion shoot took place a couple of months ago. I was [...]

Why the name Poultice?

marble poultice

Some people have asked me…why the name ‘Poultice’?    Most people think of a poultice as something you put on a wound, to make it better. On living bodies, warm poultices are spread on the inflamed area, providing relief, easing pain…& sometimes increasing circulation.  In other words, a poultice draws out, heals and sometimes excites. [...]

Compatior Series


Com•pat•i•or     (verb) ·to have compassion (feel) pity ORIGIN: Latin compassio, from compati The Compatior series deals with compassion in all its forms.  I myself am a vegan and committed animal lover.  Some of the pieces in the Compatior series describe our profound connection with animals.  ’Platero’, for instance, describes the ongoing life journey…a [...]

Bronte Shoot


The photos for the upcoming feature in Freshly Worn Magazine were shot by Art Zaratsyan, with styling by Grace Chumfong.  The concept for the shoot is based on the bond between the three Bronte sisters (Charlotte, Emily and Anne).   At the time of the shoot I had been working on a small collection of [...]

Invitation to FaceBook


Come and visit Poultice FACEBOOK  for day-to-day comments on my studio practice…thoughts on creativity…as well as the occasional post about living on the west coast of Canada.  I’ve been writing on FB since early 2012.  My posts there are a bit more personal and philosophical.  I will tell you about the successes and the failures. [...]

A Fashion Show


Poultice Jewelry has been invited to participate in a fund-raising event set for the evening of June 28, 2013 in Vancouver, B.C.  Proceeds are being raised on behalf of the pediatric cancer centre in Vancouver.  The evening sounds like it will be a magical & immersive experience.   The theme is a Midsummer Nights Dream; [...]



Today I am launching the website for Poultice Narrative Jewellery! For those of you who have been following Poultice on Facebook, hello again! I hope you find something new to enjoy. For those of you who are new to Poultice Jewellery, I’m delighted you have found me. Please visit my Facebook Page and follow that [...]