Com•pat•i•or     (verb)

·to have compassion (feel) pity ORIGIN: Latin compassio, from compati

The Compatior series deals with compassion in all its forms.  I myself am a vegan and committed animal lover.  Some of the pieces in the Compatior series describe our profound connection with animals.  ’Platero’, for instance, describes the ongoing life journey…a pilgrimage…taken by a small donkey and her devoted human companion.  Other pieces in the Compatior series deal with compassion for nature and the earth.  ’The Last Tree’ weaves fact, poetry and myth to question whether we can avoid a shadowy future that holds one last tree.  ’Apis-Corvus (The Honey-Bee & the Crow)’ speaks of compassion for the natural cycle of life….seed, bee & bird. Other pieces link a single piece of exquisite poetry with a demonstration of compassion.

Compatior Logo designed by Gordon Duggan.