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Shadows of the Dream

It was a beautiful bay, surrounded by trees on all sides. The white house fronting the sea. Their friends were there with them...shadows seemed cast aside. The whole morning they had spent on the verandah overhanging the sea. Mary felt at peace again. That night every star had been reflected in the water as if in a mirror...the moon rising on a magical scene. Percy pulled out a guitar, someone lit a small fire on the beach...everyone sang along until the last sweet note faded and a sleepy spell fell on them. Then came the yawning buona notte’s, the whispered leave-takings...leaving only the silent night and the little boat anchored in the bay. That last perfect night was held in her heart.


Where nothing is, but all things seem 

And we the shadows of the dream


Inspired by an evening in the bay of Lerici...1822...letters and memories from Mary & and their friends.  A vintage pen nib emerges from a 'flowering'...the altered silver boat is found (an English charm). There was a little man sitting in the boat but sadly (like Shelley) he had to go. Maybe he'll turn up somewhere else some day. A small silver Georgian spoon...made into a pendant... silver hand soldered to front. A found (and altered) silver heart hangs from the bottom of the pendant. Like the hand that grasped his heart from the fire. Suspended and held by Mary until her death. Steel chain interrupted with black jet Victorian mourning beads, given to me by a dear friend.

Fashion Shoot:  Photographs/Art Zaratsyan.  Styling: Grace Chumfong.  Models: Alicia & Ashleigh.


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