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Vessel for Containment (Whispers)

It began with the myth of Pandora and the story of how she allowed all manner of evils to escape from the vessel. But this little vessel, this chimerical and wayward little creature, refused to be framed in that way. Instead of a bittersweet narrative piece about a woman letting evils out of a vessel with only hope left behind....this turned into a vessel to be filled with whispers of hope. It is a protecting, preserving vessel that will hold infinite words of encouragement, personal hopes and wishes. Just whisper into the tiny hole in its way of the small funnel. A personal space where anything is possible. An alchemical vessel of transformation.

c.19th Century sterling salt:London. Vintage bone cuff link. Victorian marcasite button. Silver heart. 'Funnel' made from a fluted silver bead and a filagree insert.


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