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Emptiness is not a is everything. Emptiness...Sunyata....means everything has always been and will always continue to be. The void is a creative void. It has multiple meanings: openess...a place to well as a state of perfect stillness.

a mirror of heaven & earth, the glass of all things

The empty glass vessel at the end of the black cord is that space of contemplation....a space filled with meaning by the wearer. Out of the void came the planets and the universe. Eight tiny spheres fall darkly, softly shining: all silver...tarnishing slowly...but for one. That one is black onyx...a tiny ball representing that globe in deep space where we all live. This black onyx bead will be the wearer’s Touchstone.

Just as the thimble is a symbol for protection, it has long been said that black stones also offer protection. Onxy itself defends against is known as a healing stone; used to guide people through visions, meditation and dreams...and help align the body, spirt and mind. This is a protective, guiding vessel.

In scientific terms, a Touchstone is always a dark stone. It has been used since ancient times to identify precious metals and test for purity. ‘Touchstone’ questions are enquiries that try to measure genuine qualities.

Become totally empty
Quiet the restlessness of the mind
Only then will you witness everything unfolding from emptiness

Lao Tzu

Amber glass scientific bottle, cap (hand carved) topped with antique silver button, sterling chain holder, vintage steel tailor’s open-ended thimble, vintage black pen holder, black cord chain, found sterling & mirrored silver plate beads, black onyx bead.


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