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The First Journey

Crossing the channel in a storm, they journeyed up through France towards Switzerland, heading toward the mountains. They were poor but this first taste of freedom felt wondrous; they would always remember this as a carefree time...a sublime adventure. They ate the local bread which was plentiful and delicious. When they couldn’t afford a carriage, they began to walk.  Violent thunderstorms and lightening lit their way as they made their way north. In the evenings they read aloud from the few books they carried with them.   Later it was to be called The Year without Summer.  She was already beginning to form impressions for a story...she scribbled every chance she had. It would later be known as Frankenstein.


This necklace is called The First Journey. The pendant is an ornate diamante closure from a vintage necklace, soldered to vintage brass leaves that become like wings. On a mercury-silvered bead I have hand-engraved a map of the world.


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