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Memory Vault (Queen Mab)

This piece began with a poem by Percy Shelley, 'Queen Mab'...a poem written in the form of a fairy tale, about the queen of the fairies. When Percy Shelley was alive his friends often wrote that he whispered to himself while conjuring his brilliant poetry and verse. Distracted, he would pace, whispering into his hands. This idea captured me; I imagined him storing poetry in memory. At the same time a friend and I began discussing do you hold or store memories? The idea of the 'Memory Vault' was born.
Inside this little winged fairy piece is an infinite space...a space that will hold countless memories. Because this memory vault is infinite and therefore quite magical... it will never be filled, but you can try. Whisper your memories through the tiny funnel...and they will be held safely until you want to retrieve them years to come.

A poignant, battered antique, sterling salt cellar from London forms the vault. The lid is a vintage silver button capped with another ornate Victorian button. The wings are formed from two old metal box legs. A found heart hangs below the vault...connected with a chain. Hearts are often connected to memories. The funnel is made from an old ornate earring finding, lined with a metal bead. The plain steel chain was found in an old warehouse years ago.


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