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The Swallow

My body in its withering, may become a lovely swallow

Under the eaves of my loved one's house I'll build my nest of twigs

After dusk I'll fly aloft and glide gently to his side

                                                        Anonymous, Korea


More ancient than Haiku, the Korean 'Sijo' shares a common ancestry with 'Haiku', 'Tanka' and similar Japanese genres.  This Sijo was written by an anonymous Korean poet. The Swallow is a lyrical interpretation of a love poem written long ago. These simple words speak of love, loyalty, beauty as well as aging & the passage of time. Aging love that has stood the test of time.


A little swallow glides down over the disk of the setting sun, overlaid with scrolling flowers. Hanging from the disk is a golden, double-sided flower. A shaft of faded hair falls from the heart of the swallow’s flower. A lover’s moment captured.

Gold-filled chain, gold-plated disk, vintage brass swallow with remnants of black enamel wash, vintage brass flowers, vintage paintbrush hair.


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