Today I am launching the website for Poultice Narrative Jewellery! For those of you who have been following Poultice on Facebook, hello again! I hope you find something new to enjoy. For those of you who are new to Poultice Jewellery, I’m delighted you have found me. Please visit my Facebook Page and follow that too! Facebook is where you will find a more day to day conversation describing my process, my interests and the projects I’m currently working on.

A few words about this website; first…I love it! It has been designed by Gordon Duggan who was rigorous about ensuring a simple, informative and elegant result. It also makes the process of examining and purchasing a piece very transparent. And I do like transparency. Anyway, here it is….I hope you like the site…and find it easy to navigate!

I will be adding a few more categories in the weeks to come. There will be a section that will make the commissioning process easy to understand. And I’ll be sharing some of the lovely comments I’ve received. But for now…here it is: Poultice Narrative Jewellery. Let me know what you think!