Now here is a woman who loves Jewellery! Born in 1847, Lotta Crabtree & her family traveled west from New York to the California Gold Rush. Settling in a place called ‘Grass Valley’ they ran a boarding house and were caught up in the rush of gold fever. As a little girl Lotta loved to dance and sing. As it happens…a few doors down, in a delightful little cottage, lived Lola Montez, entertainer and infamous woman. Lola Montez had a wild & headstrong history and was soon to travel to Australia. But for the moment she acted as a sort of agent auntie and encouraged Lotta’s enthusiasm for performance…greatly inspiring the little girl’s future career in theatre. The lovely Lotta Crabtree went on to become ‘The Nation’s Darling’, and the wealthiest entertainer of the 19th century.