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Commissioning Process

I am always happy to take on a commission.   As a rule; I work almost exclusively with found materials. You bring me the seed of an idea. Commissions usually start at $180 for a necklace.

Stage 1:   First we need to settle on the idea. To help your formulate your idea, take a look at my ‘Past Commissions’ and ‘Materials Available’…read my narratives, and scroll through my FaceBook page.  Are there any Poultice pieces you connect with?  Do you have a favourite writer, book, poem or character?   Is there a cause that is close to your heart?   By the way, do you want a necklace, bracelet, earrings? Tell me if you have a deadline and your budget ceiling.  Now…jot down your ideas and send them to me!  


Stage 2: I will send you a rough proposal describing a basic direction and narrative.  We will discuss details and materials.  Now let’s discuss the budget and the deadline. There is no cost for this discussion stage. At this point you decide if you want to proceed with the commission.  


Stage 3: Congratulations! You have decided to commission a piece from Poultice. You submit a $100 downpayment. I immediately begin to search for materials that will help me tell your story. Because your piece is completely unique, the making process is not always a speedy one. It usually takes between 4-8 weeks to create this original work. I will send you email updates along the way, describing how things are coming together. Or let you know I’ve come across a really exciting find!


Stage 4: Your piece is Finished! It is boxed up (in lovely recycled materials (of course!). I will send you an estimate on postage & packing…your postage is what it costs me, nothing more. This cost will be added to the cost of the piece. Full payment is now made. Included in your package will be a full-size gift card specially designed for your piece. It has the narrative printed on the back and an original illustration on the front. I say good-bye to the piece and send off your package.


Stage 5: You receive your unique piece of Poultice Narrative Jewellery. You love it. Happiness Reigns! 

Contact me for more information