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She is intelligent‭, ‬with great strength of character and will‭. ‬Pragmatic with the gift of vivid imagination‭. ‬Reserved‭...‬yet filled with self-confidence‭. Deeply loyal and sincere‭. ‬Complex‭, ‬sometimes contradictory and with a rebellious streak‭. ‬Above all she longs for equality‭...‬to live in freedom‭. ‬Through her run‭ ‬links of steel‭: ‬Jane Eyre‭.‬

I am no bird‭; ‬and no net ensnares me‭; ‬I am a free human‭ ‬
being with an independent will‭.‬

We meet Jane as a young orphan girl just before she is sent away to Lowood School‭. Unlike those around her‭, Jane thinks‭ ‬herself plain‭..‬but in truth she is captivating and fully alive‭. ‬The‭ ‬Jane‭ ‬bracelet reflects a strength of character and rich imagination anchored in an historic setting‭. The foundation of the‭ ‬bracelet is comprised of a vintage steel chain with links hammered from steel rod. ‬ The design references Victorian chain link bracelets‭. The closure is unusual and complex‭, ‬reflecting Jane’s rich inner life‭. ‬It is not an easy clasp‭. ‬It reminds us of the privation of women at the time‭. Anchored by a plain‭, ‬brown Victorian button‭ it is bordered by small silver buds. ‬Not outwardly showy‭, ‬this small button has a unique beauty all its own‭...‬and a steel shank full of purpose‭. ‬A Victorian skeleton key has been altered for the clasp‭...‬a reference to locked rooms‭, ‬the importance of‭ ‬‘place’‭ ‬in the novel and Jane’s search for home‭. ‬On one side the bracelet is modest and plain‭...‬but turn it over and Jane’s vivid inner imaginings become visible‭.‬

Vintage steel chain‭, ‬hammered‭ & ‬formed found steel‭, ‬silver plated beads‭, ‬sterling beads‭. ‬brass‭, ‬Victorian Button‭, ‬Silver plated‭ ‬wire‭, ‬silver charms

Fashion Shoot:  Photographs/Art Zaratsyan.  Styling: Grace Chumfong (G for Grace).  Model: Rachel Sargent.


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