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I have a collection of vintage and some antique chains, but generally I go in search of a chain for each new project. Or I make a chain.

In my early pieces I often used a lovely plain, steel chain. Lately I have been getting more requests for sterling silver.

Chains can be 'interrupted' with beads and objects and I do this quite often to tell a story. You will see that I often hang meaningful 'talismans' from my chain (such as 'Apis Corvus'). I also like to combine two or more found chains into one....or add odd links to interrupt a plain chain. I've created 'rosary' style chains and unique chains..for example the planets in 'The Touchstone'...or the rosary/floral chain in 'Icarus Calaveras'.

I currently have a bit of plain, matte black chain which resembles Japanese cord (see 'The Touchstone').

For all my projects, I search for a chain that is right for the project. If you have an heirloom chain - I would be delighted to create something special around it.


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