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...I do not despair ever, for I guard one seed, a little live seed, that I shall safeguard and plant again.

The Seed Keepers (Palestinian Poem)


Our future exists in a seed. Contained in this seed keeper is the potential for endless life. The Latin name Quercus is derived from 'fruit of the unenclosed land' and refers to the life of trees, in particular the oak tree. The oak has long been a symbol for endurance, strength and renewal.  A protector and a guardian.  Druids spoke of people having the 'knowledge of the oak'…individuals filled with great wisdom.

Quercus is filled with the potential for food, flowers and the future possibility of great trees. Quercus contains bud cuttings from an oak. Plant them in protected ground; plant in the spring just as the ice disappears. Imagine hope.

Quercus is made from antique silver finds. Seeds are held inside an antique glass bottle from a forgotten past.  The base is an antique silver pepper-pot lid. Delicate silver 'Rootlet' chains connect the wearer back to the earth. Like the magnetic poles of north and south, the lid is held magnetically. Heart to the north...roots to the south. A silver spoon handle is transformed into an oak leaf. Hammered over are silver foil leaves cut from an antique dish. A silver 'acorn' comes from the foot of an antique Czechoslovakian silver knife rest.  On the neck chain hangs one silver seed...a symbol of growth, value and hope.

Dedicated to seed activist Dr. Vandana Shiva whose compassion for the earth knows no limits.



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