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Our future exists in a seed‭. ‬Contained in this seed keeper is the potential for endless life and food for generations‭. ‬

...‬I do not despair ever‭, ‬for I guard one seed‭, ‬a little live seed‭, ‬that I shall safeguard and plant again‭.‬‮

The Seed Keepers‭ (‬Palestinian Poem‭)‬

This necklace is dedicated to vegetarian activist Dr. Vandana Shiva whose compassion for the earth has no limits‭. ‬She is an ‬attractive woman of wisdom and great intellect‭. ‬Her words are rooted in practical compassion‭. ‬Trained as a physicist‭, ‬she completed her PhD in Quantum‭ ‬Theory in Ontario‭. ‬Returning to work in India‭, ‬she is today one of the most committed advocates working in support of people’s environmental struggles‭. ‬

She pioneered the organic movement in India and built the country’s biggest network of seed keepers and organic producers for the conservation of indigenous seeds‭. ‬Navdanya refers to‭ ‬nine seeds‭ ‬symbolizing the protection of biological and cultural diversity‭. ‬It is also the name of the group she founded in 1991‭. ‬She has saved lives by helping debt-ridden farmers break away from global seed companies‭. ‬ She is a force to be reckoned with‭.

This seed-keeper contains nine seed types and hangs at heart level‭. A protective reliquary for that most precious of natural containers...the amazing seed. Delicate silver ‬roots or rhizomatic chains ‬connect the wearer back to the earth‭. This reminds us that the potential for growth lies in all of us‭. ‬A‭ ‬heart shovel‭, ‬hammered from a sterling silver charm‭, ‬connects us with those who tend the land and grow the seeds‭. ‬This little shovel is big enough for digging very tiny holes‭. ‬It is a start‭.‬

Vintage glass perfume bottle‭, ‬vintage SP salt-shaker lid, ‬vintage sterling Welsh‭ ‬charm‭, ‬found silver ball, ‬Victorian twisted wire‭, ‬found steel chain‭, ‬9 organic seed types‭.


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