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Portrait of a Young Woman (1817)

The 19th Century is littered with young women who suffered from the consequences of social, political and personal oppression. We read their letters, speaking of caged domestication and a longing for freedom of thought & expression. Others hint at dire circumstances that would be ruinous were they to come to light. This necklace honours one young woman named Fanny Imlay. Born at the turn of the 19th century into a world in violent upheaval…much like today. Brilliant, modest and kind she faced a life of family servitude and increasing discord and tragedy. This modest yet brilliant little container must be filled with hopes she could never imagine. For example seeds that can be spread and allowed to flower. Or words of hope and kindness. It is a way to move forward.

A slender glass bottle inserted into a marbled, verdigris-coloured, 1940's pen holder. I've made the corset-like holder from solid silver...a portion of an antique, silver knife rest (czechoslovakian). The chain is plain steel (I can change it to silver by request - there will be an added cost).

The marbled green enclosure sings when the sun hits it. The 3 silver spheres refer to the 19th century ideology that believed in separate spheres for men (polis - public) and women (oikus - home). I have added a third and universal sphere: Euleutheria - Freedom. This is the sphere Fanny was seeking.


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