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Our future exists in a seed. Contained in this slender bottle is the potential for endless life and food for generations.  

You are not atlas carrying the world on your shoulder. It is good to remember that the planet is carrying you.

Vandana Shiva

This necklace is dedicated to vegetarian activist Dr. Vandana Shiva whose compassion for the earth has no limits. She is an attractive woman of wisdom and great intellect. Her words are rooted in practical compassion. Trained as a physicist, she completed her PhD in Quantum Theory in Ontario. Returning to work in India, she is today one of the most committed advocates working in support of people’s environmental struggles.

She pioneered the organic movement in India and built the country’s biggest network of seed keepers and organic producers for the conservation of indigenous seeds. Navdanya refers to nine seeds symbolizing the protection of biological and cultural diversity. It is also the name of the  group she founded in 1991. She has saved lives by helping debt-ridden farmers  break away from global seed companies. She is a force to be reckoned with.

This slender glass bottle contains nine seeds. From a tiny drilled hole in the base, a vintage brass leaf hangs. The leaf shows the potential for growth lying dormant in these little seeds. A potential for growth that lies in all of us. Hanging from the chain is a ‘heart shovel’, cut from a vintage brass pendant... connecting us with those who grow the seeds and bring us food. Connecting us in a circle, back to the earth that sustains us. This little shovel is just big enough for digging very tiny holes.  It is a start.


Vintage glass perfume bottle, Vintage sterling & Jet button, Vintage copper leaf, found copper chain, 9 types of organic seed. 


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