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Tribes (vert)

Domestic objects strung together suggest societies organized by kinship... at once tribal or totemic. Discards and refuse from some lost culture; of uncertain time period... washed ashore, excavated or scavenged in the past or future.  Dirty, beaten, distressed and corroded... only fragments survive. There is a beauty and value to be found in these twisted, broken objects and their process of decay.


Half an old, bent, tea strainer torched until it turns anthracite, then hammered to a thin, fragile skin.  A single fork tine beaten black.  A green bakelite cog button...surely a marker of rank or a vibrant sign of status.  A vintage steel trouser closure flattened to a  distressed elegance.  Glittering silver beads from an Indian necklace. A silver link appropriated from a vintage earring.  Strong, steel chain found on a spool in a dusty old warehouse years ago.


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