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Every Atom (A Lachrymose Vessel)

Lachrymose vessels were used in antiquity for capturing tokens of love, mourning or memory. Every Atom is inspired by the writings of Charlotte Bronte. It has symbolic implements for capturing, examining, directing, remembering, storing, retrieving & discarding tears. Every Atom represents the quiet endurance of the human spirit. Hidden inside is a line from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre...

Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as my own; in pain and sickness it would still be dear.

A simple steel chain holds a tiny steel box.  The vessel itself (a box for holding watch parts) connects us with the passing of time. Inside, a thin piece of glass from a Victorian lantern slide protects Charlotte’s words inside. A small, silver spoon is there to capture or bury a single tear...of joy or sadness. It hangs from the chain. A tiny funnel helps to direct the tears into (or out of) the vessel.

Charlotte Bronte’s clear examination of how poverty affects the human spirit established her as one of the first ‘modern’ female writers. She often spoke for oppressed, introverted or discouraged women. She created characters of free thought, intellect and strong moral character...who through adversity discovered strength, independence and great happiness.

Scientific Victorian Lantern Glass Slide, Vintage Steel Clock-Box (the vessel), Recycled Brown Paper with ink, Vintage Steel Chain, Silver Plated Spoon created from larger spoon, Antique Silver Pocket Watch Clip.


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