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She Follows you Everywhere

He was a bit of a star.  A bad boy with a heart. A good-looking, beguiling, free spirit . He fell in love easily and gave his heart freely, unable to recognize consequences. He was moody, creative, idealistic and appealing. Although his heart wandered from time to time, he loved Mary Shelley and she loved him. They ran away together..and for the next few years she followed him. Despite desperate hardships their bond remained strong.


Two silver hands hold a heart poised above a steel pen nib. Dark wings rise above, as if giving flight to shadowy, creative thought. A vintage brass flourish suggest a spill of golden ink. A battered, torn metal tag contains a written footnote to Percy's life.  All the elements are bound tightly with dark wire.


The title of this piece is taken from a selection of footnotes found in a book of Percy Shelley poetry. She Follows you Everywhere suggests a certain obsessive interest or connection. There were a number of lovers in Percy's life...those who fell for him and followed him.  Those who suffered for him...a couple who died for him.   Some kept the torch burning and tended his memory after he was gone. One labelled him 'a monster' but she was a resentful and embittered lover. Mary felt a deeper truth and became the primary torch bearer of his heart. Upon her early death, at the age of 53, a secret was found in the dark reaches of her old wooden desk. His dried heart, wrapped in a silk handkerchief. Pulled from his funeral pyre on the beach where he drowned... it had been given to Mary. This relic of their lost love was finally buried with her. Mary and Percy together again at last.


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