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Through & Through Me


I have dreamed in my life‭, ‬dreams that have stayed with me ever‭ ‬after‭, ‬and changed my ideas‭; ‬they have gone through and through me‭, ‬like wine through water‭, ‬and altered the colour of my mind‭.‬
Emily Bronte


A containment vessel inspired by a writer‭...‬a muse‭...‬with symbolic implements‭ ‬for capturing, directing, unlocking, documenting and retrieving inspiration‭.

Emily Bronte was a writer from the time she could read‭. ‬She grew up roaming‭ ‬the desolate moors‭...‬she and those around her felt her heart resided in these grey rocks‭. ‬About her it was written‭... ‬she should have been a man‭... ‬a great navigator‭... ‬her powerful reason would‭ ‬have deduced new spheres of discovery from the knowledge of the old‭. ‬
An intensely private and creative individual‭... ‬courageous‭... ‬with a deep‭ ‬love of nature‭. ‬Although naturally reserved there were the acute powers of observation, and the ability to understand people‭. ‬And the warmth and humour that could be revealed slowly‭.

The violence and passion of her strange book‭ ‬Wuthering Heights‭ ‬led the public‭ ‬and many early reviewers to think that it had been written by a man‭. ‬The passion and power of its language and imagery impressed, bewildered and appalled reviewers‭. ‬Even though it received mixed reviews when it first came out‭, ‬and was often condemned, the book subsequently became a much loved, literary classic‭

The glass container holds fragments of rock from the moors near Haworth, the Bronte home‭ (not shown). ‬The antique silver button is attached to a vintage chain that runs through the bottle‭...& ‬through stone‭... ‬as if‭ ‬to pull inspiration from solid rock‭. ‬Through me and through me‭. ‬At the end of the chain hangs the key to writing‭. ‬This key-nib pulls the lid closed, keeping the muse protected‭... ‬yet retrievable‭.


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