The concept of ‘narrative jewellery’ has been around for awhile,  although I have not come across anyone who develops their narrative jewellery  in the same way  I do.  I don’t just build a piece around a theme.  My research and stories are developed as carefully as the piece of jewellery itself.  The two are woven together so tightly that to separate them would be difficult…for me anyway.

I work from a small studio in Vancouver.   I am always in search of materials; found along the roadside, at flea markets and antique shops…or sent to me by kind friends and relatives who live far away.  I organize my objects  in ‘libraries’….gathering them together in long wide drawers.    I also store each one in my memory…drawing on them to build each narrative.  I’ve been collecting objects for a long time…years in some cases.  I have collected from all the places I have lived or visited…Europe, North America, the Middle East, Northern Africa.

My process of making a piece can be a long one.   I usually have a few pieces on the go….always dreaming of new ones.   I suppose I begin as a documentarian…a sort of historical reporter.   I enter history in search of connective, human stories.  I try to find ways to make the past come alive….the people recognizable.  I often concentrate on a single moment in time…something that seems familiar.   Building each narrative layer upon layer.  Thinking of what objects might help me tell a particular story.   Sometimes the objects I find will change the course of a story.  They might help me tell it from a new perspective.  I try to be flexible and open with this process – it is always a give & take.

The work I produce is wearable art.   The objects used cannot be replicated or replaced.   Each piece…each story….is completely unique.